The 2015 Polaris Slingshot is a cool trike!

Polaris Slingshot logoWe are involved in several networks of cutting edge automotive and motorcycle locksmiths. We received word today that we can make keys to the new 2015 Polaris Slingshot.  If you haven’t seen the Slingshot by Polaris, you should check it out!  Of the two main companies making trikes (Can-Am Spyder and now Polaris slingshot) this one gets the style points for sure!  It looks like a total blast to drive too.

Polaris Slingshot frontUnlike the Can-Am Spyder, the Slingshot doesn’t use transponder chip keys (which we can make by the way).  If you own one of these babies and would like a spare key bring it by our shop for a quick and painless key copy.  If you have lost your last key give us a call for a few new ones!

Check this thing out it looks crazy!!

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