We make Chip keys to the Can-Am Spyder!

Please Note: Currently we can only duplicate keys in our local area in Kansas City, If you have no keys at all or are not in Kansas City you must contact your local dealer. 

Can-Am Spyder LogoThe Can-Am Spyder is a cool looking trike (somewhat like the new Polaris Slingshot) that also has something cool inside the key.  Inside the key is a transmitter-responder (Transponder) chip.  Chip keys in motorcycles are fairly uncommon in the US but in Canada and over seas in the UK it is very common. In fact in Canada they have mandated the use of transponders in all vehicles and motorcycles since 2007!

2014 can-am spyder frontWhen a customer calls our shop saying that they are looking for a spare key to their Can-Am Spyder, you can almost hear the sound of defeat in their voice.  It’s almost as if they KNOW somehow that we can’t help but they figured they’d ask.  After making calls to the dealer and other locksmiths in town and hearing bad news they are always excited and a bit skeptical that we can make these keys.

Can-Am Spyder original key and replacement keyI go on to tell them that not only can I get them a spare key for an extremely affordable price, but my key is actually better than their original!  How is it better you ask?  The Original Can-Am Spyder key does not have a key ring hole.  Surely you’ve noticed that!  How annoying!!  Without the ability to attach your key to a key ring or at least a key tag, it’s almost like they are TRYING to get you to lose the thing!  Am I right?!?

Well good news, our replacement key HAS a key hole! Give us a call or stop by our shop for your replacement key to your Can-Am Spyder!

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