New Laser Cut Honda Motorcycle Keys Available!

Sidewinder Honda Motorcycle key HD117The faithful Honda Motorcycle has thrown out a curve ball in recent years starting around 2014 on their CBR line of bikes.  Like Ducati, BMW, KTM and several other brands, Honda Motorcycles has introduced laser cut keys.  Until recently these have been a problem due to a lack of a quality key and expensive updates for the machines that can cut these special types of keys. That time is unfortunately over!

After much time and energy we have an excellent and reliable way of making these keys for your bike!  It doesn’t matter if you only need a copy of a current key or if you have lost your last one, we can help.  Making keys from scratch is a bit more difficult, but we can make it happen in one of two ways.

  1.  Bring or call in your key code to our store.
  2.  If you have no idea what a key code is, chances are you don’t have it.  We can still make you a key by bringing in the entire bike or just the ignition to our store in Kansas City.

If you are out of state, feel free to mail your ignition to us.  Call for details.

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