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  • Safe Opening
  • Combination Changes
  • Safe Anchoring (Bolt to the floor)
  • GSA Container Servicing

There are lots of different types of safes out there.  Yours might be old with a combination dial from the wild west or brand new with a fancy electronic keypad.  If you need your safe worked on or moved we have you covered.  Our safe moving trailer goes from ground level all the way up to standard dock-height.  We can get your safe where you need it.

Are you locked out of your safe?  We have the latest training and most modern equipment to let you back into your safe ASAP.  It doesn’t matter if its a standard Residential Security Container (RSC) that you found in a hardware store or that heavy safe that the insurance company said you just HAD to have for your jewelry store, we have you covered.

We proudly open, service and inspect GSA containers including the newest Kaba-Mas X-10!

We Proudly Offer AMSEC Safes!

American Security (AMSEC) Safe