Everything you ever wanted to know about Suzuki Kizashi Keys

ATTENTION: This post was from 2016! The Suzuki Kizashi is now supported fully. We can provide and program the factory OEM proximity fobs. We do spare keys meaning you still have one left and can drive it OR if you’ve lost your last one. Local Kansas City area customers only. No mail services at this time.

The Suzuki Kizashi is a bit of an odd duck.  Front view of Suzuki KizashiTo me it sounds like something a kung fu master would yell during a fight in an old martial arts movie but I digress. The Kizashi was made from 2010 to 2013 and used a Proximity fob as the vehicle’s key. A proximity fob to be clear is a remote that you can keep in your pocket that sends out a signal to the car when you press the ‘Start’ button to start the engine.

Suzuki Kizashi logoIf you own a Kizashi you might find it difficult to find someone to program in a new proximity fob for you.  This is because no aftermarket key programmer supports this car. Why? Because companies that develop (reverse engineer) software for aftermarket multi-vehicle key programmers tend to focus on cracking systems for mass markets like Fords or Chryslers.  The Kizashi is very unique. No other car on the market uses this particular fob, and it uses a proprietary system unique to this model.  And lets face it, how many of these cars do you see on the road?

Kizashi start buttonWhat this means is that if you’ve lost your last proximity fob, you’ll be towing the car do the dealer Calling us!  Want to know another kicker? Suzuki no longer makes cars.  There IS no current dealer.  You’ll have to find a dealership that used to sell these vehicles and still supports them.


Affordable Spare Kizashi Keys at McGuire Lock

Cloned Suzuki Kizashi keyIf you HAVE a proximity key that starts and runs the car now and you’d like a spare key or if you’re a dealership and need a bank key for possible repossession purposes in the future, we can clone these keys.  A clone as you would imagine is a digital copy of the transponder chip inside your current fob. The cloned key will unlock the door and start the engine manually. There is no remote functionality.  How is this possible?  If the battery in your fob dies, you can push the ‘Start’ button with the fob itself and it will start the engine. The developers of the car put a powered reader next to the start button that will allow the RFID transponder chip inside the key to be used with no power from the fob itself in case of emergencies.

So we can copy the digital information from your fob and paste it onto a special RFID transponder. It’s important to note that we NEED access to both your current proximity fob AND your car to make a clone. It’s not possible to clone these types of keys by the fob only meaning these cannot be done through the mail.

Suzuki Kizashi fobGeneral information about the Suzuki Kizashi Proximity fob:

OEM Part Number for the FOB: 37172-57L20 ((or)) 37180-64J00

OEM Part Number for the insert key: 37145-57L00

FCC ID: KBRTS009 (Calsonic Kansei Corp.)

315 MHZ

Key Code series: 50001-51308


It’s also very important to note that these LOCK when programmed into a car.  The dealer cannot program in a USED fob. This is important to realize when searching on eBay for replacements. Ask the seller if they are NEW, USED or Un-Locked.   As a reference we can order and sell these fobs for about $120 for a Used and unlocked fob or about $260 for a brand new fob but either will require a dealer programming.



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