Repairing a Land Rover Remote Head Key

A customer brought us a damaged remote head key to a 2000 Land Rover Discovery II. We replaced a broken button contact using a donor remote and placed it into a fresh shell.

The vast majority of our remote repairs are from General Motors remotes from about 2005 – 2012.  If your remote quit working or if only certain buttons work and some don’t we can likely help.  If your remote has some of the tiny components have been broken or have came unsoldered we can help. Give us a call or bring in your remote with your car and let us see what we can do for you!

2000 Land Rover Discovery Remote Key RepairTypically a remote repair for a unit that is separated from the key usually consists of:

  1. Resoldering the clip that holds the battery to the circuit board.
  2. Repairing or replacing the silicon pad (the buttons you press).
  3. Replacing the battery itself.
  4. Resoldering (or reflowing) the components on the circuit board.

Refurbishing a remote that is joined together with the key involves all the steps above, but also:

  1. Replacing the shell and key blade itself.
  2. Decoding your current key and cutting the new key blade back to the factory specifications (no lousy key copies, these are factory fresh!)
  3. You receive your vehicle’s key code to keep back for your records.  No need to ever EVER have to buy it from a dealership.
  4. **If your vehicle vehicle is transponder equipped we will verify that your transponder chip and antenna are securely soldered to your circuit board or if the chip is separate, we will silicon it to the case to make sure it doesn’t rattle or break.


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