Locked inside your Corvette with a dead battery?

We have received a few calls over the years that involves the owner being locked INSIDE their Chevrolet Corvette due to a very low or dead battery.  Late model Chevy Corvettes are all digital.  When you open the door you don’t pull a handle,  you press on a rubber button to release the door.  There is no traditional key either, these cars use a proximity key so there is also no key hole on the door to unlock it manually.

2012 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1If you are on the inside of your Corvette and you need to get out the release you use to open the door is an electrical relay, so there is no mechanical linkage.  This means if the car is not getting power from the battery, the release does nothing!   So if you are on the inside of your Corvette and the battery dies, at first glance you feel pretty stuck and helpless.

Fear not!  There IS a mechanical release for the door latch inside the car.  It’s on the floor right next to the door.  The lever has a red door symbol on it.  Pull that and you can get out of your car. Sadly there was a news report of an elderly man in Texas and his dog dieing inside his Corvette due to loss in battery and he did not know this and could not get out.  Please remember this and tell your friends with a Corvette too.  Also if you are letting someone borrow your Corvette, make sure they know too. We don’t want to see another sad and preventable story like this in the news again.

On a related note: If your battery is dead on your Corvette and you are LOCKED OUT, there is a key that releases out of your key fob.  Go to the back of your car and insert that key inside the lock that is directly above the license plate.  This will let you open the back hatch.  After the hatch is open, there is a manual release for the door behind the drivers seat.

We hope you find this information helpful!

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