Buying Keys and Remotes on eBay

We have a bunch of people call and come into our shop asking if we will cut and program the key they bought on eBay.  The short answer is ‘Yes’ we do cut and program eBay keys. The major difference between our keys and eBay keys is that when you buy a key from us, we guarantee the outcome.  If the key was milled wrong from the factory rendering it useless, we grab another key and use it.  If for some instance our key won’t program into your car there is no cost to you. If the key you bought from eBay (or any third-party for that matter) doesn’t turn in your locks or if it doesn’t program your refund is between you and the seller.  If your remote key falls apart or if the battery keeps dieing, contact the seller.   At the end of the day you can buy your keys from us or from eBay, it’s your choice. We don’t want to come across like we’re saying that eBay keys are cheap junk as the majority of those keys that we are commissioned to cut and program works great.  Although the failures to program or cut correctly are in the minority they DO happen.  When you make your decision to buy, just be aware of this reality.

Alternative to eBay

KeylessRide offers reliable products unlike some eBay sources.We can’t possibly stock every remote, remote head key, or smart key for every type of car and in those situations we recommend buying your keys from KeylessRide.  They are a reputable company out of Texas that have a long track record of great products with a great warranty and tech support.


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