Why you should inventory your expensive goods

SnuppsTaking a proactive and organized approach to your life has a myriad of benefits. In the event you are ever burglarized, this approach is no exception.  If your home is burglarized having a proper inventory of your items and their value can be a real help. If your stuff is in a proper inventory you don’t have to remember everything you own and how much it costs or how long you’ve had it. Also when the police recover stolen items they can return it to you if they have something specific to look for. I recommend inventorying your high-end items such as electronics, jewelry, collectables, art, or even clothing items. Basically anything of value to you.  A proper inventory would include recording brand names, model numbers, distinguishing defects, dates of purchase, cost at time of purchase, estimated value of the item, etc.  No inventory is complete without plenty of pictures too!

Snupps on mobileYou also don’t want to keep your inventory out in the open either. It’s really best to keep it in a proper fire safe that’s anchored to the floor, or better yet off site… like in a digital cloud perhaps.  Does this sound like a total pain in the butt?  WRONG! This is where technology is your friend.  There is a company called Snupps that allows you to inventory your items using all the above criteria (pictures included) and save it on their servers.  You can access it on your PC, Tablet, or smart phone for the low low price of FREE.  Sign in today, and start inventorying your stuff.  It’s never been easier and the data has never been safer from prying eyes.

Extra Tip.  If you want to go above and beyond with this to help the police recover your items you should mark them.  Marking involves engraving personal serial numbers in your items.  When a thief steals items they have to get them sold.  The person that receives the goods is called the ‘fence’.  People that fence stolen goods don’t like marked item as it decreases their street value and marked items are red flags at pawn shops too.

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