Exciting Changes

Just a quick update to start off Spring 2022. We are taking a new approach to hiring here at McGuire’s. Lots of service industry companies are looking for technicians and they are hard to find these days. A further problem, is once you DO find someone are they a good fit for your business’ culture? Take it from us, we’ve been around since 1969 and let me be the first to say that a lot of the time… it doesn’t work out.

So starting this spring, we are out of find the best people for our team we can find and training them from the ground up! Nobody wants to work for a place with a bunch of lazy bad apples. A good work culture can do wonders for a company and the production of its labor. If you have a great attitude and enjoy working with your hands this can be a perfect opportunity for us to help each other. We’re looking for a good culture fit and the capacity to do the job well FIRST, then we’ll train the necessary skills as needed. It’s so much easier to hire great people and make them locksmiths than the reverse! More information to come soon.