Repairing a broken Lexus Remote Key

Do you drive a Lexus with a remote head key? Have you found out how fragile these things are yet?  Broken Lexus keys come into our shop all the time! They just love to break where the little ‘T’ shaped laser cut key blade attaches to the plastic remote top.  Did the engineers honestly think that little screw was going to keep this thing from twisting off? This happens to a LOT of Lexus owners and when it breaks people generally turn to two things, Super glue or tape.

First a word of caution, DO NOT let me repeat this, DO NOT super glue this together.  If the remote pack inside the plastic shell gets glued to the outer case you can’t get it repaired and you also can’t get to the battery to replace it.  Tape is a better yet very temporary fix.  Think of it as a band-aid that will let you hobble it into our shop.   We repair these on a weekly basis and usually have a ready supply of the shells necessary to fix the problem.  Here is the first and most important thing you need to know about this fix.  It’s no stronger than the OEM key that it is designed from. This is a simple fact of life, Lexus in their infinite wisdom crafted this design and we’re all stuck with it.  If your key is broken, bring all the pieces to our shop and we can get you back on the road for a fair price.

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