What You Need to Know About Key Codes

A key code is a series of characters (sometimes numbers, sometimes letters and numbers) that gives locksmiths the ability to cut a key that will work your lock.  Key codes come in two types, blind codes and direct digit codes.

A cam lock with a key code shownA blind code is a code like ‘32J6E’, alone it means nothing, in fact it’s complete gibberish as I just made it up for this example.  If the company that made the lock didn’t publish that code then it’s worthless to locksmiths.  If the code was published, a locksmith can decode it into how to cut a key that will work the lock using special software. A direct digit code like ‘24642’ is a bit different, the numbers are not some arbitrary assortment of letters or numbers, they represent the cutting pattern found on the key.
Basically to you (our customer) all of that means nothing.  What you really need to know about key codes is the importance of having yours!  If you own a car or live in a house or apartment with a lock on the door (as I’m sure all of you do) you should have your key code.  If you lose the keys to your car it can be a really expensive mistake!  But, if you have your key code handy, it can be a LOT cheaper for you.  We’re talking about saving hundreds of dollars by having it!  If you don’t have your key code to your car or house give us a call or stop by our shop, it’s surprisingly affordable!


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