Stolen Keys are a Big Security Threat

Have you ever lost a key or had your keys taken from you?  I bet 99.9% of you said yes, and that’s completely normal. The problem with losing your keys is that in many cases they are only lost to you. Other people find missing keys (or steal keys) all the time, and if those people know the owner it can be a BIG deal. Take it from a professional locksmith, stolen keys is never a fun experience.

Stolen keys are never funHere is a cheap and simple set of keys on a ring.  At a cursory glance we see that there is a key to a car of some kind, a house key and a key to a locking mailbox.  Losing this key ring may not seem like a big deal because replacing it would be under $10 (assuming you have a spare set to copy from).  $10 is a cheap key ring because the car key on here doesn’t have a computer chip in it, there is no remote for the car or keys for a spouse or your kids’ car.  It doesn’t have to be expensive, it just has to make you think.

What’s expensive here is what the keys represent.  A key is direct access to the object it is designed to protect.  In this instance, it’s your home with everything in it, your vehicle, and your mail.  To put a monetary value on these items we’ll say the car is $5,000 your home is $100,000, and the stuff inside is about $20,000.  So far that key ring in the wrong hands could mean they have access to $125,000 of your family’s hard-earned money and items you can’t replace.  Lastly they have access to your mail which may not have a direct dollar amount but they can get access to your identity which can be very troublesome to recover from.

Stolen keys don’t sound very fun, what are my options?

The solution really depends on the situation.  If you’re sure you lost your keys inside your home or if they fell into the lake, then simply replace the keys.  If your keys are lost inside a department store, it’s a little more risky.  Are you SURE that the person that found it doesn’t know who you are? If that answer is “No” you should really get your locks re-keyed. If you’re dealing with a case of stolen keys, you need to call us as soon as possible! Re-keying your lock is a process locksmiths do that makes the current keys no longer work, while providing you new ones that do. If your keys were stolen, don’t wait and gamble with your family’s security. Give us a call to schedule your appointment today!

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