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Range Rover Proximity Key Fob

Land Rover and Jaguar Push to Start Vehicles!

2013 Land Rover and Jaguar Prox Key Programming NOW AVAILABLE! We have recently gained the ability to program proximity (Push Button Start Type) key fobs  for select Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles.  These types of keys have to be Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) ONLY! Unlike other older models, there are no generic alternatives so the […]

PATS 1 Ford Family Vehicles

A Short History of the Ford PATS 1 System Ford began putting transmitter-responder or ‘Transponder’ chips  into their keys in 1996 with select models. This system was called the Passive Anti-Theft System (PATS), and quickly became a standard feature.  Ford owners on the PATS 1 system can program in their own keys if they follow […]

lock bumping in the media

The Bump Key Exaggeration

Some time ago there were several reports on lock bumping. Bumping is a way of picking a lock with a specially made key, and the lock industry has been aware of the method for some time now. The Media took the stories and ran with them, making bumping look like it was the criminals’ key […]