Safe Moving Services in Kansas City

Are you moving and want to take your safe with you?  Did you rent a safe for your new event this month?  Did you finally pick up that gigantic gun safe to keep your shotgun collection safe inside your man cave?  You’re probably thinking… dang that thing is heavy!  You’ve probably scrolled through your Facebook feed at this point looking for friends you can ask to come help you get that thing from where it is, allllllll the way up inside your buddy’s Ford Ranger only to get it allllllll the way back down to the ground and to where you need it. You might just pull it off too without damaging the safe or firing the re-lockers but why do all that?   Moving a safe is easy… for you.  All you need to know is our phone number.

We have a stair climbing dolly, pallet jacks, a hydraulic trailer that raises from ground level to standard shipping dock height not to mention decades and decades of experience.  Give us a call, tell us what you have and where it needs to go.  Done.

Also ask about our safe anchoring services!

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