Safe Anchoring

Safe anchoring is when you bolt the safe to the floor.  Most but not all safes come with anchoring holes pre-drilled in the bottom of the safe. Bolting a safe to the floor is a necessity for lighter safes so criminals cant’t simply walk away with it.  Larger safes also need anchoring as well because they are much taller and commonly will be slammed on their back allowing criminals to gain leverage and pry up and breach the door.  This is a no-no.

TL-Rated safes like those found in jewelry stores are required by the insurance companies to be anchored.

In some instances anchoring is not always possible or advisable. If you are renting an apartment for instance it’s up to the land lord whether or not you’re allowed to do so.  Also in many instances of safe rentals such as trade shows at Bartle Hall, no drilling into the floor is permitted.  If you’d like to know more on what safe anchoring can do for you or if your safe is even able to be anchored down, give us a call.

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