Lost Keys to Acura and Honda Vehicles

Honda Car

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Losing your last key to your Acura or Honda isn’t the end of the world. The majority of people think that when this happens they should call the dealer for help and pay a ton of money because they think it’s the only option. We can get you back on the road for less! You can save the most money by towing your Honda or Acura to our shop or we can come to you for the most convenience.

Was your car made in the 80’s? Do you have computer chip keys? Does your car have high security sidewinder keys? No Problem.

Recovered Theft

When you recover a stolen vehicle it’s wise to have it re-keyed. Re-keying means that we re-configure the locks so that the current keys no longer work. If your car has computer chip keys (as most vehicles today do) we can also re-program the car so that the missing keys will no longer start. Another feature to think about is the remotes. We can also turn off any missing or stolen remotes too!

Oddball Honda and Acura Keys

There are a few different models of Honda and Acura vehicles that use some different rules when you lose your last key. Type 1 Honda and Acura vehicles (listed below) actually require you to replace or re-flash the Immobilizer Control Unit if you have lost your last key.  If you have lost your last key to a type 1 Honda or Acura vehicle, we can re-flash the computer and get you new keys for a very affordable price!  What is re-flashing you ask? When we pull out  your car’s computer, we attach a special computer that will re-write the data on the EEPROM chip and will let us to program new keys to the car. Basically for those of you following at home re-flashing is like formatting your computer’s hard drive and re-installing new software.

Common Honda Key Problems

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Honda Remote Head Keys break. The large black plastic head containing the remote control breaks where it connects to the high security key blade. Most people try to glue it back together, DON’T! Bring it to us, we can repair this problem quickly and affordably. If you glue your case back together you won’t be able to change the batteries in the remote, basically glue ruins your key.

The tiny screw strips when trying to take the key apart to change the battery. This is important, you need to use a Phillips #0 screwdriver to take this screw out. If you strip the screw it’s very difficult to not damage the key.  If you have already stripped your screw, you MAY need a new remote key shell. We carry these, give us a call.

Honda and Acura vehicles with sidewinder keys and locks usually lead to lock failure. Most commonly the ignition will stop turning. We can repair this problem!

Info about Honda and Acura keys you should know.

Older Honda and Acura keys can be cloned for a very affordable price. Cloning is a process of reading the information inside of your key’s transponder chip and writing that value on an emulator chip. What this means to you is that older Honda and Acura keys are very affordable and fast and in many instances we don’t even need the car present!

Newer Honda and Acura keys are not profitable at all  to clone.  We NEED access to the car to make a spare ignition key to your car.

When anyone adds a key to your Honda or Acura with a programming computer, the car will auto-erase its key memory. From that point we have to add your old keys back in along with the new one(s).  If you leave a key at home when you get a spare, it will be turned off!  Bring ALL of your keys when you get a spare to avoid multiple programming charges.

 Common Honda and Acura Services

Fixing broken Honda remote keys

Laser key cutting

High security ignition and door lock failure

Cutting and programming keys and remotes bought from eBay

Lock rekeying after a theft recovery

Reflashing Honda Prelude and Acura TL immobiliser boxes