Acura and Honda ReFlashing Services

The computer needs reflashing before you can add new keys

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Honda and Acura type 1 vehicles are a bit different from the newer systems that came later. One big difference is the ability to add in your own keys if you have the red AND black keys supplied to the car’s original owner. Later Honda/Acura systems do not have an on-board key learning procedure. That means that you must take your car to a locksmith that can perform reflashing services or to a dealer to get it programmed into the car.

The second difference is there is no On Board Diagnostics (OBDII) port access. That means when you lose your last master-key, you must have the Immobilizer Control Unit replaced or reflashed. Most locksmiths do not have the tools and training required to perform reflashing services on type 1 Honda/Acura vehicles. Most car owners that lose their last key will instinctively choose the least economical choice and tow their car to the dealer and max their credit cards to afford the bill.  The chip key specialists at McGuire Lock & Safe can reflash your Honda or Acura vehicle quickly for an affordable price!

Which Honda and Acura vehicles need key reflashing if all keys are lost?

Acura NSX 1997 – 2005

Acura RL 1996 – 2004

Honda Prelude 1997 – 2002

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The Immobilizer Control Unit is located at the bottom of the steering column under the dash.

Do you drive one of these cars and only have 1 key left?

Do yourself a favor and get a copy made today! Don’t risk losing your last key and being stranded somewhere and be forced to pay for specialty key reflashing services!  Getting a spare key is cheap and easy! The chip key specialists at McGuire Lock & Safe can cut and clone your existing key in less than 5 minutes for a VERY affordable price! Do yourself a favor and give us a call today.