Car Re Key

Car Re-Key Services

If your car keys are stolen, you can call us for a car re-key. Re-keying a car means that we take out all the desired locks (all locks, doors only, ignition only, etc.)  inside the vehicle and change out the tumblers inside the lock to fit a new key instead of the key that it worked with.  If your keys are stolen and the would-be thief returns to the vehicle, it will no longer work the locks.

This service is perfect for:

  • Recovered Theft Vehicles
  • Used car purchases from people you may not trust.
  • Customers with stolen car keys
  • Customers with replacement locks that want would like to stay on the original key.

Some older vehicles need 2 or more keys by design to work the entire vehicle, but most modern vehicles conveniently only need 1.  If you have separate keys for your ignition, doors, or trunk give us a call to find out if they can be re-keyed to match 1 key.

Please Note
Re-keying an entire car is a fairly time-consuming process. It’s best to make arrangements ahead of time and leave the car with us early in the day.