Lock Review – Guard Security Deadbolt

A Closer Look at the Guard Security brand Deadbolt

Guard Security single cylinder deadbolt in shiny brass finish

“The Finest Choice in Home Protection™” ?????

Guard Security boasts that their deadbolt is “The Finest Choice in Home Protection™”.  The unit we are looking at is the Single Cylinder Deadbolt with the shiny brass (US3) finish. The bolt is adjustable for the two standard backset lengths which are 2-3/8″ and 2-3/4″. The package also claims the product has a 25 year guarantee. Right on the back of the lock they claim to provide a “solid brass 5 pin cylinder” and a brass plated steel strike plate.

The Breakdown

Guard Deadbolt

Lock Type: Single Cylinder Deadbolt

Lock Grade: 3 (Standard Residential)

Finish: Shiny Brass

Keyway: Kwikset

Number of pins in the cylinder: 5

Guard Deadbolt lock

All (pot) Metal Construction!

Bolt throw length: 1 inch

Cost: $11

Product weight (minus strike side hardware): 12.3 oz

The Good

  • Price Point. This lock was under $12 with tax.  This baby is affordable and locks like this one are very popular among builders, rental homes, and un-savvy consumers.
  • No direct digit bitting stamped on the key. Some brands have the cuts of the key stamped into the keys provided with the lock. If that info is seen by anyone that knows what that means, it COULD be a real issue.

The Bad

  • Pot metal cylinder plug. This lock definitely did not have a solid brass 5 pin cylinder as the packaging claims.
  • Pot metal lock housing.  The packaging DID say “all metal parts” but the metal they were referring to must have been bottom of the barrel pot metal.

The Findings

Solid brass?  Nope

Solid Brass huh?

If you have ever held a premium lock in your hand you get the sense that the lock is substantial by feeling its weight.  You can also get a sense if you’re dealing with quality as you turn the key and throw the bolt. That being said, this lock is simply not something you should have on your front door to keep someone from kicking it in and hurting your family.  Although the lock is most definitely sub-standard, the quality isn’t the worst I’ve seen.  In fact, locks just like these are brought to us to re-key every day.  These locks are purchased by people who think that locks are created equally and the only thing separating them from others is price and style which is simply not the case.

Guard Security Deadbolt Guarantee The packaging claims that the product has a solid brass 5 pin cylinder which is just plain false. I took a pippen file and made a small pass along the cylinder plug to take off the outer finish and it revealed the plug to be made from pot metal with a shiny golden finish to mimic a shiny brass finish. The weight of the lock was very light and as you activate the bolt it just feels cheap.

I would not recommend installing this lock on the exterior of your home.

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