Residential Lock Re-Keying Services

Lock Re-keying is a service we offer that makes your locks work on  new keys. We do this by taking your lock apart and replacing the small tumblers with new ones that match a new key pattern.  It’s important to note that we aren’t replacing the locking hardware, we are simply re-configuring your current one.

This Service is Perfect For:

  • Customers with lost or stolen keys
  • Customers that need more than 1 key to get into their house
  • Anyone that just moved into a new home
  • Customers that want their newly purchased locks to work on their current key
  • Customers that loaned out keys to people they no longer trust

There are many people who need 2 or more (we’ve seen as many as 7!) keys to get into their homes. Why carry more than 1 key?  Why would you want to have to read tiny labels on your keys to know which one fits your front door or your garage?  When we re-key your locks we can key them all to one key.


Please Note
In order to re-key all of your locks to one key, your locks need to be able to accept the same key. Example: If 5 of your locks are Kwikset and 1 is a Schlage, you will need to replace the Schlage with a Kwikset.