Audit Trail Systems

A proper Access Control system has a lot of really cool features.  Perhaps the coolest feature of all is the Audit Trail feature. When you enter in a new prox card or token you assign it to a particular person.  When a user presents their credential to your reader, your system logs this each time as an event. So not only is your system keeping the wrong people out and letting the right people get in, it also logs when it happens!

Paxton Software makes it simple to view your audit trail.Let’s say something terrible like a theft happens in the accounting office of your building sometime over night.  Your system shows that nobody tried to force their way into the building letting you know that the person that stole the money already had access to the accounting office.  You check your audit trail closely and you see that 3 people came and went through the front door that night. 2 of the 3 people were the cleaners and didn’t have access to the accounting office. In your event logger you see that only 1 ID number had even tried to access the office. You have solved the crime in less than 5 minutes.

Some companies use their audit trail every single day, in fact multiple times per day. They use their audit trail as their time clock. You know precisely when your employee comes in and when they leave.  If your current system doesn’t provide you with an audit trail, you’re working too hard. Let us design a proper access control system for you, we offer free bids!

The best compliment to an audit trail capable system is a CCTV security camera system.