Lost Keys to Cadillac Catera

If you’ve lost your last key to your 1997 – 2001 Cadillac Catera you will find that most locksmiths shy away from it. You’ll be calling around from business to business and as soon as they hear the word ‘Catera’ you’ll hear the heavy sigh and maybe a referral to another company. What’s the deal with with the Cadillac Catera?

2001 Cadillac CateraGenerally speaking when it comes to making keys to Cadillac vehicles, it’s no big deal. It’s basically a re-badged Chevrolet with nicer options to be brutally honest and most locksmiths can work on Chevrolet. The problem with the Cadillac Catera is that it isn’t like any of the other Cadillacs. The Cadillac Catera is a little German and a little  bit European. The locks need special tumblers, the keys are special, the chip is special and you must have a PIN number that is unique to your Cadillac Catera to program the keys. Even the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) keys are made of steel, and not the typical brass.

We have the means to service these locks, we can provide keys with the correct chip inside, and we can pull the PIN number in most Cadillac Cateras. Simply put, if you’ve lost the last key to your Cadillac Catera we can get you back on the road! Need a duplicate key to your Cadillac Catera? If you still have at least 1 key, we highly suggest getting a duplicate as soon as possible. Making a duplicate Cadillac Catera key is no big deal. These keys are easily cloneable. Cloning is a process of copying the digital information inside your key and pasting it into a suitable emulator chip. It will work exactly the same as your key and it is very affordable. Get a copy today so you don’t have to go through the hassle and cost of losing your last key!

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