Lost Car Keys Replacement

Lost car keys replacement services in Kansas City by McGuire Lock & SafeSomehow, many people are under the assumption that they have to go to the dealer and pay insanely high prices when they lose their keys. When you lose the last key to your car, you don’t have to go the dealer.  We can replace lost car keys by coming to your car with one of our mobile vans or having you tow the car to our shop. Coming to the car or having the car brought to us are the most reliable choices but tend to be more pricey. We can guarantee the keys will work when we’re done because we measure the tumblers inside the locks and cut keys based on that information. Keys cut from the number are not guaranteed to work!

Simply put, we can cut and program keys to your car for less than the dealer.  We specialize in computer chip and laser cut high security keys and car remotes!  Some of the newest cars on the road don’t use a key, they instead use a special proximity remote and a push button ignition… and yes, we specialize in those too! If you have lost the keys to your car don’t wait another minute, call or stop by our shop today and find out what everybody else is already talking about.

Lost Car Keys replacement service is perfect for:

  • Customers that have lost their car keys.