Factory Remote Programming

Before a remote will work it has to be programmed into the car.  The programming process requires you to bring us the vehicle that you want a factory replacement remote programmed into.  This service doesn’t require an appointment and usually takes 5 – 15 minutes depending on the process involved. The price to program your remote will vary depending on the required steps to introduce the remote to the car.  Call or stop by our shop for your estimate!

Different Types of Programming

On-Board Programming or OBP is a method of remote or key programming that allows the user to learn new remotes without the aid of a specialty machine or simple tools. This method usually involves a specific series of actions from the user in a specified amount of time. (example – “turn the key from the ‘off’ position to the ‘on’ position 6 times within 10 seconds.)

Advanced On-Board Programming is a method of remote or key program that requires simple tools to perform.

The simple tool generally needed is a jumper wire or the pulling of fuses. Its important to know what you’re doing before shorting any connectors in your vehicle.

On-Board Programming with Special Requirements (OBP+) is a method of programming that allows the user to program in new keys or remotes into the car if they already have a set amount of already programmed items to begin with. If the required amount of required items are not present, then a specialty programming computer is needed.
(example – “Insert your ignition key and turn to the ‘on’ position. Using an already programmed remote, press ‘lock’ for 4 – 10 seconds….”
Diagnostic computer programming is a method of programming keys and remotes using a specialty computer. This method of programming is most often needed when OBP programming is not an option. We have a variety of different programming machines we use at our shop which allows for the maximum amount of vehicles covered!
When no other programming method will work we turn to a very advanced form of programming referred to as EEPROM. It stands for Electronic Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory. Basically we find and remove the part on the vehicle that stores the key database (commonly the ECU or PCM) and we locate the actual piece on the circuit board that stores the data itself and we write directly into it with a special computer.

This programming is fairly time consuming but when all else fails we can still get you going! Very few locksmiths are capable of this level of key programming.  For the most advanced of jobs we do have an out of state partner that can program these via the mail.  If you own a vehicle that requires the use of our out of state partner, please be aware that extra time will be needed.