Factory Cut Keys From Worn Keys

Factory Code Cut KeyWhen you have to jiggle and shake your key to get it to eventually turn, you need to get a factory code cut key.  Our team members can visually decode your key’s worn out cuts and cut a brand new key back to the manufacturer’s specifications.  Here is an example of a badly worn out key next to a  factory code cut key (keep in mind that these are the SAME key!

This Service is Perfect for:

  • Bad key copies from hardware stores.
  • Keys that you need to jiggle or shake  or pull out slightly to get to turn.
  • Keys that only work on one side but not on the other.

Every key that we decode comes with the factory key code with the service. What is a key code you ask?  A key code is a seemingly random string of letters or numbers that when decoded in our software, tells us how to cut the key. So in the event that you lose all of your keys, you can present your key code to us and save a considerable amount off of the labor!  We recommend that everyone that drives a car should have their vehicle’s key code kept in a safe place like with the title.  We can provide key codes by decoding the cuts on most any kind of key you have including house keys, car keys, barrel keys, and padlock keys too. With as cheap and convenient as this service is, there is no to not have the code codes to all of  your keys!

worn out and restored Nissan chip key

Worn out and restored Ford key Back