Lost Keys to Fiat Vehicles

Fiat 500 LogoThe Fiat 500 is a cool little car. The keys for these cars are pretty special too!  If you have called around for someone to make you a spare key you already know that.  We can get you a spare key for your Fiat for a great price.

We need first hand contact with the vehicle to program these keys. If you are not in the Kansas City Area, we cannot help you.

Customers needing a spare Fiat key

fiat clone keyIf  you are looking for a spare key to your Fiat there are 2 options available to you.

  1. Most Economical Price – The absolute cheapest way to get a spare key for your Fiat 500 is to clone it.  The clone key won’t have a remote on it but will open the door and start the engine.
  2. Factory Flip Key – The Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) flip key has remote functions just like your original Fiat Flip key (because it comes directly from Fiat corporate)

Here are the differences between a cloned key and the OEM flip key.  Use this information to decide what you want.

OEM Remote Flip Key

  • Works exactly the same as your original key.
  • Remote functions included.
  • Significantly more expensive.
  • Roughly a 24 hour turnaround to order the key from Fiat.
  • If your old key is found after a new key is programmed in, it will not work and will never be able to be re-added to the vehicle.

Clone Key

  • Opens and starts the vehicle using the key.
  • No remote functions included.
  • Very affordable price. (Vehicle is needed for the cloning process)
  • 20 minute or less turnaround time (no wait to order from Fiat!)
  • No risk of permanently deleting missing keys!  If you find your old missing key it will still work.

Customers that have lost their LAST key (all keys lost)

Fiat 500 Flip KeyWe do not offer services for all keys lost on Fiat vehicles. This is due to what we consider to be a needless design flaw in the Fiat system. If your alarm is set (like if you hit the lock button on your flip key) and then you lose your key, there is a risk of needing a replacement body control module (BCM).  Basically if it’s alarmed and the alarm is tripped (activated) you will need to replace your BCM at the dealer.  This gamble, also referred to as a liability is not one we with to partake in.  We recommend visiting your local dealer for more information.  If you’re in Kansas City, call Northtowne Fiat at (816) 453-2710.

Years and Models Covered

Currently we cover the 500 model from 2012 – 2014.

Important Information to keep

Fiat 500 Immobilizer cardWhen you purchased your Fiat brand new, it should have come with a blue card with your Key code (they call it ‘Mechanical Code’) and your vehicle’s PIN number (they call it the ‘electronic code’).  Your PIN number is a 5 digit number that is unique to your vehicle, if you have this card please provide us with the information or the card itself.

The key code series is DE0001 – DE11210.   This is a blind code that will tell a locksmith how to cut your key.