Lost Subaru Keys

Subaru logoHave you lost the last key to your Subaru? For some reason most people’s first instinct is to call the local (or sometimes NOT so local) dealer and empty their pockets for replacement keys. Do yourself a favor, call your local dealer and tell them what you need and ask for a price… THEN CALL US! We can get you back on the road for a fair price WITHOUT the hassle of towing your car to the dealer and having to wait, and wait…. and wait some more.

Was your car made in the 80’s?  Do your keys have computer chips inside them? Is your key one of the fancy laser cut sidewinder keys? No Problem.

Oddball Subaru Keys

There are a few different models of newer Subaru vehicles that don’t program by the standard means.  Here is how a typical programming session goes on a Subaru.  We cut a new key and we connect a diagnostic tool into your car via the standard On Board Diagnostics (OBDII) port. We select the vehicle on our programmer and we turn the new key into the ignition and we write that key into your car’s computer. This usually takes a few minutes to complete.

On some of the NEWER Subaru vehicles you cant add new keys to the car if you’ve lost your last key by the typical means. For more on what’s involved check out our page on Subaru BIU reflashing.

Common Subaru Key and Remote Services

lost subaru keysLaser key cutting

Cutting and programming keys and remotes bought from eBay

Reflashing Newer model BCM’s (BIU) after all keys are lost