Lost keys for SMART Fortwo Vehicles

Smart Car LogoDo you own a SMART car and are having trouble getting a spare key?  Worse yet have you lost your last key and are having trouble getting anyone to make you new keys?  You’re not alone, most locksmiths find these tiny Smart cars intimidating for some reason.  If you’re in need of new keys or just a spare made for your Smart Fortwo, give us a call!  You have other options than towing it to a dealer.

Smart FortwoI know for a fact that most companies have trouble with this car because several of the main programs used by locksmiths to see what keys these take are devoid of any information at all about them.  Fear not, we got you covered.

Currently we can cut and program: 2008 – 2013 Smart Fortwo

ATTENTION: This service is for our Kansas City Area customers only. If you are calling in from out of state, we cannot help you at this time.

Duplicate keys for your Smart Fortwo

If you are simply needing a spare key for your Smart car, you have 2 main options.  Let’s take a look at each option a little closer so you can best decide what you would like.

  1. smart car keyThe most economical option – A cloned copy of your current key is the most economical choice. The only real downside to this is that the key doesn’t come with remote keyless entry (RKE) functions (meaning there is no remote). It’s simply a key you can unlock the door with and start the engine with plain and simple.
  2. The Factory Remote key – The Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) remote head key is the key you likely have now for your Smart Fortwo.  The downside for this option is a higher price tag. What you are really paying extra for is the remote (lock and unlock functions) and the fact that it’s from the OEM.

All keys lost for your Smart Fortwo

Smart Fortwo remote head keyIf you’ve lost your last key for your Smart car, you’re likely stranded somewhere or at your house. Most customers will immediately think to call the dealer (in Kansas City it’s Aristocrat Motors) and ask for a price quote, which we totally encourage you do to.  Keep in mind that you will also have to have your Smart car towed to them, and they will likely need your car for a day or more.

After you’re done with those phone calls, I’d ask that you call one more phone number, Ours.  You will be pleasantly surprised by the price and the convenience!

When you’ve lost your last key the only option is to have an OEM remote key programmed into your car. Currently there are no cheaper aftermarket options for a lost key situation at this time. After the first key however you can always have a key cloned for a spare to keep the costs down!