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Cutting your brand new Lexus shell

Repairing a broken Lexus Remote Key

Do you drive a Lexus with a remote head key? Have you found out how fragile these things are yet?  Broken Lexus keys come into our shop all the time! They just love to break where the little ‘T’ shaped laser cut key blade attaches to the plastic remote top.  Did the engineers honestly think that […]

Peterbilt transponder chip location

2013+ Peterbilt Chip Keys

Peterbilt keys up till now have been very easy to duplicate. A while back a customer that works for our local Peterbilt dealer came into our shop for a spare key to one of their 2013 Peterbilt 220’s.  The keys were significantly different than the 2012 and down vehicles and we noticed that the key […]

Laser cut key example

Laser Cut Key Cutting

Laser cut keys have been around for a long time but were only used on high-end cars like Mercedes-Benz and BMW. Recently these keys have been used on very common domestic car brands like Ford and Chevrolet.  Hyundai and KIA have even started implementing laser cut keys!  The term laser cut is an industry term that […]