Car Keys by VIN Number

How do you get car keys by your VIN Number?

When your car’s locks were installed in the assembly line, the key code is recorded in a database by the factory that tells what the cutting pattern is for your car.  When we run your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) we access that database and produce the same key pattern that the vehicle came with.  If your vehicle’s locks are damaged or have been re-keyed to a different key at any point since it’s creation, the key produced using this method will not work. How to find the VIN number on your car or truck.

This service is ONLY for customers that walk into our store. We do not send keys by mail to out of state customers or to customers that we cannot verify ownership of the vehicle first hand.


What We Guarantee. We guarantee that our key is expertly cut to the code we are provided from the manufacturer.
What We Do NOT Guarantee. We do not guarantee that your locks are in good working order or that your locks have not been re-keyed. Also it is worth noting that sometimes the wrong code is recorded by the manufacturer! All sales are FINAL.
Another thing to be aware of is that the manufacturer only stores key code information for a limited amount of time (sometimes as little as 10 years). Here is our current VIN number access list as of April 19th, 2014 and are subject to availability.
  • Acura 1990+
  • BMW Pre-1994
  • Chrysler 1990+
  • Dodge 1990+
  • Eagle 1990+
  • Ford 2001+
  • Freightliner 1995+
  • Honda 1990+
  • Hyundai 1990+
  • Infiniti 1998+
  • International 1995+
  • Isuzu **CALL
  • Jeep 1990+
  • Kia 1990+
  • Land Rover **CALL
  • Lexus 1990+
  • Lincoln 2001+
  • Mazda 1990+
  • Mercury 2001+
  • Mitsubishi 1995+
  • Nissan 1998+
  • Plymouth 1990+
  • Scion 1990+
  • Smart Car 1998+
  • Sterling  **CALL
  • Subaru 1990+
  • Suzuki 1990+
  • Toyota 1990+
  • Volkswagen 00-05
Note #1
If your vehicle is equipped with a transponder (computer chip) system, you will need to have your keys programmed to your car before your vehicle will start.
Note #2
Running your VIN is not a guaranteed way to get working keys to the vehicle but we offer another service that is. If we go to the vehicle or have you tow it to our shop, we can make keys manually. We guarantee we can get working keys using this method but we do not guarantee your car is in working order. Examples (dead battery, out of gas, etc).