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Ford Keyless Entry

How to find your Ford SecuriCode™ Number

Some late model Ford family vehicles come with a great feature called SecuriCode™.  SecuriCode™ is a keypad located on the driver’s door that unlocks the door when the correct code is entered.  Newer SecuriCode™ equipped vehicles allow you to retrieve your number using two already programmed keys.  Older model cars with keypads can be pulled […]

Ford MyKey

How to set up your Ford MyKey®

Select late-model Ford vehicles have a cool feature called MyKey®. It’s geared towards parents that want to set certain safety restrictions for their kids’ vehicles or for when their kids borrow their car or truck. Here is a pretty informative video that explains what Ford MyKey® is and how to set it up.

Better Business Bureau

Tips on Hiring a Locksmith by the BBB

There are times when everybody needs a locksmith. Sometimes this involves having locks replaced, but usually when people are in need of a locksmith, it’s an emergency or time is short, like when keys are locked in your car or when you are unable to get inside of your house. Regardless of how stressful the […]

PATS 1 Ford Family Vehicles

A Short History of the Ford PATS 1 System Ford began putting transmitter-responder or ‘Transponder’ chips  into their keys in 1996 with select models. This system was called the Passive Anti-Theft System (PATS), and quickly became a standard feature.  Ford owners on the PATS 1 system can program in their own keys if they follow […]